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Why Sabi Holding India Limited Principles Include Laws of the Universe and Their Coherence to Human Dynamics

1. The current investment scenario and standards focus on superficial metrics such as business model, idea, market size, competition, technology, team, plan, unique advantage, and so on.

2. These are just like the different features of the celestial body. Some stars are big, some are bright, and some are dwarf. Some planets are tidally locked to their planet, some are very close to their star and thus too hot, some are very far away from their star and thus very cold, some are gaseous, and some are rocky.

3. What is most important is that even though different stars and planets have different features, they all exist in physical form, and therefore have a chance to harness life sometime in the future, or support life in the future.

4. There are millions of times more particles, masses, and gases, that are spread in the universe, which have failed to form into a significant celestial body. There are some asteroids, which have formed into physical objects, but are so small, that they play no significant role in their solar system.

5. It is now a proven fact that humans are made of stardust. All the minerals and compounds in our body come from the supernova of a distant star. Therefore we are governed by the same laws, that govern the universe.

6. Businesses are entities that serve different human needs. Therefore, by definition, they also are governed by the same laws of nature, that govern the universe.

7. If the businesses were truly governed by the currently followed standards of the pitch deck, KPI, profit, productivity, innovation, scale, efficiency, market, team, etc., then over 90% of the startups and investments wouldn’t have failed. If businesses were defined by these metrics, then market leaders like Blackberry and Kodak wouldn’t have had to file Chapter 12 Bankruptcy. If businesses were governed by any of the metrics, then 98% of the internet companies in the 1998 internet bubble wouldn’t have failed.

8. In reality, businesses are not unpredictable, but rather contrary to known beliefs, they are quite predictable. A business is like gas and dust in a Nebula, which is to become a star and then facilitate an ecosystem of planets around it.

9. There are deeper physics laws that govern the universe, and at the human level, these laws can be seen in the form of deep human connections and love.

10. Rather than blindly following the failed business assessment tool, we see the entire business landscape as the early universe produced out of the big bang of human needs. Different domains are like different galaxies, where there are thousands of star businesses and a surrounding ecosystem.


11. At Sabi Holding India Ltd. We have identified these deeper laws, and have built tools to assess the homeostasis and equilibrium of the elements that are fundamentals to these laws. Because our assessment simply assesses businesses for their coherence to the laws of nature, our success rate in identifying good businesses from bad businesses is over 90%. This video is a visual story of our Investment inspired by the laws of nature, the equilibrium laws of the universe, and the reflection of these laws in human dynamics of love and connections.

Visual Story

Watch the story in our youtube channel.

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