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Why Sabi Holding India Limited is creating Integrated Housing and Agriculture Projects Close to Nature?

From the beginning of modern human civilization after the last ice age of 10,000 BCE, when our ancestors started settling down in agricultural societies, the battle for land and food has been continuing. We are not only battling for land, shelter, and food but there is a fine battle that has been going on between shelter and food.

Humans are slowly moving towards agricultural production that can supply to the mass population, compromising on nutrition, and changing our natural eating habits. Fast forward to the modern fast-paced Indian urbanization, our lands are shrinking at a rapid rate. More and more agricultural productions are being taken over by large corporations.

People are continuously losing control of both their lands as well as their food choices. This rapid urbanization, coupled with globalization has put our farmers in a back seat. Rapid and aggressive land acquisition has snatched lands from our farmers for some petty money. This is continuously putting the future of the country at risk of being just an urban machine, drifting far away from its cultural roots, and traditional heritages.

The continuous drifting of the lands from the farmers to the corporations, and changing food habits of the people is also putting the current and future population at a grave risk of being controlled, and ruled by the corporations. Sabi Holding India Limited is an investment and development company that was formed in a critical time for India where the battle between food and shelter, and the battle between urbanization and our tradition, the battle between farmers and corporations are picking up.

We are making a change in developing systemic changes in the way farmlands are connected through integrated farming and housing, making our farmers a direct beneficiary of the development, rather than displacing them from their land. This video presents the genesis philosophy of Sabi Holdings, and why we have stepped into building integrated systems, and not just projects, powered by people, and run by technology.

Watch the visual story in YouTube

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