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“Sabi Holding India Limited is a “Technology and AI-powered Integrated Ecosystem and Circular Economy Development and Investment company” that focuses on affordable housing close to nature, food security, healthcare delivery, employment, education, and skill development, efficient transport, connected warehouses, renewable energy, ecological conservation, rural economy while promoting traditional social fabric and lifestyle of India.”

Company Team

Our Expert Team

A company and business is for the people, by the people, and to the people. We take pride in our team of youth and experience, experts, and driven committed leaders.

Seema Mittal Khanduja

Seema Mittal Khanduja

A highly self-motivated and confident professional with an extensive track record of over 25 years showcasing visible accomplishments and leadership experience in the fields of Operations, Human Resources, Investments, and Corporate Growth.
Kuldeep Dewa

Kuldeep Dewa

Director, Head of Operations and Administration
Kuldeep is Ex-serviceman, proficient in electronic circuits and circuit debugging, manpower training.
Kartik Gogar

Kartik Gogar

Director, Head of Property Assessment
Kartick is in charge of identifying, assessing, negotiating real estate and property deals and values.

Investment Thesis

Value-added Investment

We invest in startups, small and medium-scale businesses, ongoing infrastructure projects, and manufacturing with a hybrid debt and equity model.

Value-added Services

We enable our invested companies with a plethora of services to supercharge their business like marketing, branding, pricing, optimization, compliance, distribution channels, credit line, logistics, manpower, litigations, market research, Digital Asset Valuation, and many such added values.


We also take care of the technology adaptation of our invested companies by equipping them with our ready-to-customize and plugin technology solution that includes Data Standards, Productivity Measurement tools, Real-time Business KPI tracker, AI and analytics, Automation, Sales and Marketing Tools, Productivity Measurement tools, and many more.

Capital is a primary need for businesses, but not the only need. Customers do not pay for the products and services, but rather the values. Therefore we help companies to become more valuable with our services and solutions.

  • Investment

    We invest based on hybrid model of debt and equity and return our partner investors through dividends, while increasing their wealth through valuation growth of the invested companies.

  • Additional Value-added Services

    Legal, Compliance, Manpower, Market Research, Product Market Fit, Pricing, Digital Asset Valuation, Branding, Distribution Channel, Employee Wellness, Property and real-estate evaluation, Due Diligence, Exit Planning, Business Consulting, Technology Consulting.

  • Technology

    Employee Productivity tracker, Attendance, Compliance Tracker, Meeting Automation, Marketing and Sales Automation, Production optimization, Security, IoT, Web Platform as Service (WePaaS), Business Analytics, Data Staging and Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence, Technology Integration.

Circular Microeconomy

We Integrate Your Businesses into Our
Circular Microeconomy

Money is a debt bond, which is a promise of a defined value. We increase your capital value by integrating your business into our existing connected Hub-spoke-based businesses connected by the trust capital and interdependent economy. Therefore, your value is the value of the entire ecosystem, and your capital is more valuable due to increased inherent value.


We don't interfere in your business. So you maintain full autonomy of growing and running your business.

We help you to integrate your business with our ecosystem to get benefitted from our channels, partners, systems, architecture, without diluting your personal and business autonomy.


We facilitate you with the resources, partners, frameworks and helps you to build a unique global brand equity.

We ensure that our founders get global recognition as personal brand so that the talented founders can benefit the society more with their wisdom, skill, and knowledge.


We infuse liquidity in your business with hybrid equity and debt investment instrument. We also charge your business with additional financing, increased credit-line, and many other forms of capital like social capital, trust capital, knowledge capital, ecosystem capital.


We help you to adapt to cutting edge digital technologies through our ready bag of plug-and-play digital solutions and services.

You continue to grow your business, while we take out your pain of technology adaptation, innovation, upgradation, maintenance, integration, and scaling.


We empower you not only with capital and liquidity, but also with our knowledge capital, network, experts, global agencies, liasoning, valuation, merger and acquisition, listing, litigation settlements, manpower, physical and digital infrastructures and many more.

investor services

Value Addition to Our Associate and Partner Investors

Balanced Investor Ratio

We maintain a healthy balance and ratio of individual small investors, institutional funds, and capital of high-net individuals in our funding corpus.

Balanced Investment

We maintain a healthy balance of fund allocation between potential unicorn early-stage businesses with extraordinary technology innovations, ongoing projects, highly positive unit economics businesses, and our own projects.

Opportunity and Risk Assessment

We deploy state-of-art real-time risk-assessment tools and systems to safeguard your investment, and at the same time have real-time market dynamic-based opportunity identification systems to multifold your investment returns.

Divided Earning

We take positions in projects, and businesses based on our hybrid investment instrument of Equity, and Debt so that you don’t have to wait for the exit for liquidity and earn from the dividends. 

Our Own Projects

To further ensure the safety of your investment, we also develop our own infrastructure projects to strengthen your ownership of real appreciating assets. 

Circular Economy Benefits

We integrate our projects and invested companies into a seamlessly integrated ecosystem that runs on a micro-circular economy in order to maximize the cash flow and liquidity within the network. This ensures enhanced access to liquidity in times of need.

Public Participation

We are an unlisted public company. We are driven by the power of people. This ensures a large pool of not only small investors but also experts whose services can further be utilized within the network. 


We ensure a high liquidity of capital within our connected businesses, so that the ecosystem itself become self-sustainable and benefit the associates and partners in their need for capital.


Typical investments are aimed at increasing your capital and networth, however we focus on growing your "net-wealth" by providing you with the co-ownership of data, knowledge, assets, insights, projects, products, network, systems, services, and solutions.


We ensure that our projects and invested businesses create measurable value assets (both physical as well as digital) in order to drive the valuation as well as investor's safety.


You don't need to wait for an exit for liquidating and benefitting from your capital investment. Our hybrid instrument of debt and equity ensures your continuous earning through dividends.

Foreign Direct Investment

We partner with global investors and institutions to infuse global funds, leveraging current global trade and economy. This also ensures an inflammation-adjusted and currency value invariant capital corpus to mitigate the global geopolitical risk factors.

Risk Opportunity Equilibrium

We work round the clock, to not only identify and win the winning opportunities, but also dedicate a equilibrium proportionate of resource, energy, effort, and focus into track the business and project risks in real-time, and mitigate them with innovative risk-mitigation strategies.


Our firm focus is on timely exit and capitalization of your investment to boost your confidence and help you enjoy timely liquidity. We continuously work with PE, top corporates for exploring merger & acquisition opportunities, besides planning and executing public listing of our top invested companies.


We Grow
the Value, Valuation, Volume, Velocity and Versatility of Businesses
Asset, Wealth, Capital, Earning and Liquidity
Our Investors

We integrate human expert services, with technology to integrate your business into our existing ecosystem and circular microeconomy and help you grow both your value and valuation at an unimaginable pace and efficiency with our business architecture and systems.

We focus on consistent liquidity, wealth creation, and earning for our investors, so as to make our investors both rich as well as wealthy.

Investment Timeline

We are a value-driven company and we understand and respect time. We don’t keep you hanged in hope, or wait infinitely for getting the investment. We expedite the investment process so that we can utilize the time to grow your business, brand, and value.

Sabi Holding India Limited, Sabi Complex, Near HSIIDC Office, Power Supply Colony, Sector 2, IMT Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana 122052, India

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