“Sabi Holding India Limited is a “Technology and AI-powered Integrated Ecosystem and Circular Economy Development and Investment company”


Turning Your Business Into a Global Success Unicorn |

Sabi Holding India Limited is investing in companies and projects with assets, and strong unit economics and helping the businesses to scale, and leverage our integrated ecosystem.

We not only invest in your business, but we enable you with cutting-edge technology, tools, resources, consultants, and a super ecosystem of businesses running on a circular economy to leverage its power and grow exponentially.

We not only invest in the companies but take the accountability to make you super successful, so as to benefit out shareholders to earn through dividents.


Enabling Invested Companies With Technology, Tools, Consulting, Ecosystem and AI

Sabi Holding India Limited not only powers your business with much-needed liquidity, but it delivers significantly more value by empowering you with our ecosystem, consultants, and experts, customized tools and technologies, AI-enabled decision support system, legal support, and full-fledged support for turning your business into a global brand.

We infuse more than Capital

Capital and liquidity accelerate the business, but we provide immense additional value to strengthen the fundamental of your business.

Automation AI

We empower you with state-of-the-art AI-Automation tools for supercharging your business, and made the business run on robust processes.

Analytics & Insights

We enable you with the tools to track and monitor your KPIs and integrate them to our live valuation and credit system. Enable other potential investors with live data-room and dashboard for faster a

Fast Decision

We typically close the investment deal within 30 days. Our Mixed-Intelligence System powered by AI and human experts expedite the investment decision and process at least 30% faster than the industry standards.

Circular Economy

Our integrated circular economy combines not only our portfolio companies, but also our associates and investors into a seamless micro-economy that enables you with large customer base, knowledge capital, credit line, and many more.

Powered by Data

We provide you with the state of art data structures and data management tools to maintain top-class business data. We help you to assetify your data and integrate them into content and reporting system.

Unit Economics and Cashflow

We help you to optimize your unit economics from product design, production, service, vendor management, delivery, customer acquisition and retention and help you to achieve unimaginable positive cashflow without increasing your burn.

Integrated Lifestyle

We primarily focus on affordable housing that is close to the nature. We enable our residents with top class education, healthcare, hygiene, transport, organic food, and clean water. Therefore all our investments are plugin to our existing ecosystem.

Focus on Tradition

Our top priority is to help people retain their tradition and live a life close to the nature. We focus on family, wellbeing, mental and emotional health, rural and semi-urban businesses. Therefore you will not only become our portfolio company, but also become part of our traditional values.

We Invest in

Projects and Businesses that add values to the life of common people

Our investment philosophy is centered around values, rather than valuation. We don’t look for “disruptive” businesses, but rather businesses that solve the day-to-day life problems of the common people of India. These problems include but are not limited to the availability of energy, education, employment, healthcare, transport, food, clean water, clothing, skills, time, money, emotions, respect, and so on.

We look for the purpose of your business and your personal cause behind the purpose. We look for strong values such as integrity, commitment, honesty, patience, persistence, discipline, care, empathy, relationships, innovations, and frugality more than ideas, business models, and projections.

We prioritize businesses with depth, more than businesses with breadth.

We value your emotional commitment to the cause more than your competitive advantage.

We look to invest in founders whom we love, more than the businesses that we like.

Affordable Housing

Rapid urbanization has shifted the focus of property developers in recent times to more premium housing, which is mainly being developed in cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities. These properties are by and large unaffordable by over 90% of the Indian population earning less than ₹25,000 per month. We are building and investing in semi-rural affordable housing projects and connecting them to our integrated services.


The food safety of our people is our prime focus area. We are developing efficient integrated agriculture solutions, and are actively investing in urban farming, sustainable agriculture, crop productivity enhancement, weather prediction systems, efficient irrigation, soil fertility enhancement systems, organic farming, seed innovations and many more.


Healthcare is still out of reach for a large percentage of the Indian population. A country can not grow with an unhealthy population. As Sabi is connecting a large number of lives, public healthcare becomes our prime focus to keep our people healthy and to maintain high productivity and peace of mind of our people.

Logistics Park

We are developing a large Logistics Park on the Delhi Jaipur national highway. We are also actively investing in Companies that are providing better transport, IoT-enabled automation, and warehouse-empowering and enabling solutions.

Green Energy

With the world facing constant climate change, and governments across the globe pushing toward renewable green energy, we focus on efficient energy delivery solutions and utility services such as grids, powerlines, distribution, energy-efficient equipment, hybrid switches and machines, energy storage technologies and so on.


With our hub-cluster-based integrated projects, where firm focus is on the rural economy, affordable housing, and efficient traditional lifestyle, our focus is on cost, time, and energy-efficient logistic companies and solutions that will be the blood to our integrated system.

Featured Project

Integrated Logistics Park Powered by Technology and AI

Sabi Holding India Limited is not just a regular investment and holding company that allocates capital to portfolio companies and makes money from exits. We develop our own projects and integrate our portfolio companies into the existing projects.

We are currently developing one of the largest, and most tech-powered Logistics Park on the Delhi Jaipur National Highway(NH-48).


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We are trusted by over 2.9k HNI investors worldwide and the number is increasing each day. We allocate both individual investors, as well as institutional funds into bucket projects and portfolio companies. The funds are diversified into infrastructure projects, startups, small businesses, cooperatives, and established businesses. We diversify our funds through both equity and debt instruments. Our focus remains to help our investors earn through dividents, at the same time growing their capital asset through valuations.

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